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I don't know about y'all but it's important for me to set aside at least one day out of the week to do NOTHING... Now before you say, "E, ain't no way I could ever have a day to do NOTHING with all that I have going on," I simply mean a day where you intentionally give your mind a rest from all of the thoughts that maybe aren't the most positive in nature... A day where even if you are taking your kids from one practice to another or even a day you've been "gifted" with Melinda's task at work bc she's on maternity leave, find time in between all of that to REST YOUR MIND... I've found that a lot of times, we are over OVERWORKING in our thoughts and UNDERWORKING in our faith, which ultimately leads to anxiety, stress, and even physical health ailments. And here's the part that will blow your "mind!"--A lot of those thoughts are us ruminating over things we can't even control... Sooooo---That said, I task you with this very important assignment--You ready for it??? Okay, okay-- Here it goes... GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD... Let's just start with one day and build from there.... Simply put: Take a day to REST your mind... The very things you're worrying about probably won't even happen the way that you're thinking they will... RELAX... Oh and since it's Sunday and I know that's when culture has taught us is the only day to fully TRUST GOD 🙄, I dare you to you to mentally "do nothing" today and lean into your FAITH... Remember your "reference points" of all of times that you thought "it" would never get better but God showed up just in the nick of time... I'd be willing to bet my last fifty cents that if you actually thought about your reference points more often, you'd find the task to REST your mind a bit less daunting... I'm just sayin...

Moral of the story is get out of your head so much... From what I hear, it can get real chaotic in there... But that's just what I "heard"--I could be wrong lol...

Nonetheless, you've got this!! We've got this!!! Rest my Friend, REST!!!

Well--- I'm off my soapbox now and plus, today is my "nothingness" day... (All devices on DO NOT DISTURB in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...)

Love and Light... E


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