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Welcome to Green Grass Convo...

Hey, Hey, Hey!! We are so grateful to be able to share with you our new blog, Green Grass Convo, where we understand that our grass is only as green as we allow it to be. When we think about the phrase, "the grass is greener," it typically means comparing our lives to that of someone else's, pouncing on the idea that their experience is just a tad bit better than ours. However, in this blog, you will learn that your grass, too, is capable of abundance, prosperity, health, wealth and peace, ONLY if you do your work. We will focus on our healing by discussing all things Mental Health, to assist you in having your desired level of green grass. If you know me, then you know I don't beat around bushes--I shoot straight from the hip! Therefore, be mindful that some topics may be a fit for you and others may not...and that is quite alright. So, with that said, subscribe to our page to receive updates for Green Grass Convo... We are excited to have you and more than anything, we are excited about the HEALING that is going to take place within you! See you soon!


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