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Nah...Imma Wait...

Have you consistently put off going to seek some help? Has the idea crossed your mind a million times but as soon as you go to a search engine to look up a provider, you back out? Have you found yourself trying to self-regulate only to realize that you end up right where you started? If any of these questions received an un-disputed "YES," let's talk this thing through. Listen, I OVERstand how hard it can be to face that you may need a little assistance, mentally. For some, we have been shaped by our environments to believe that going to therapy is simply paying someone to "be all up in" our business. Some of us have even been taught that if we are a "believer," talking to a therapist is a slap in God's face. I get it and I am not here to condemn your way of thinking. Instead, I am here to challenge your thoughts about seeking help. For those that believe therapy is only paying someone to be nosey, what do you really think a therapist would gain from being nosey? Trust and believe that therapists don't even have the capacity to focus their job on getting your information just to satisfy their curiosity. They are there to listen to you and present thought-provoking ideas, in an effort for you to come up with your own answers. Being nosey--I think NOT! Then for those that believe God would be upset with them for talking to a therapist, do you think that He is upset with you when you visit your doctor for quarterly check-ups? My point is, God strategically put people in place within the earth to assist us, to counsel us, and to provide a humanly "safe space" for us to heal. I simply encourage you to think about therapy and it's potential benefits to your life. Even after doing so, you may still feel that therapy is just not for you and that is okay! --But at least give it some un-influenced thought. Transparently speaking, I go and plant my buttocks on my Therapist's couch every 2-3 weeks and it feels mighty good! I enjoy the opportunity to be able to share my dark places without judgment and overt criticism. It warms my heart to be able to speak my truth without being told that my truth is not right. I look forward to being able to talk freely about those things that would otherwise be embarrassing to speak about with anyone else. Now, let me be clear...there are times after leaving therapy that I feel like the tears that I have shed are enough to fill up a dried out river but the end result of that is simply RELEASE! Therapy is not easy but it is worth every tear, every lump in the throat and every moment of self-actualization. You may believe that simply talking to your spouse or your bestie is good enough for your healing but remember, these parties have an investment in YOU and could never truly be un-biased. Any who, if this has spoken to you and you are ready to embark on mental health care, schedule your consultation with me or check out to find the provider that best meets your needs. Stop putting it off! The time is not now but RIGHT now. Love and Light, Erika


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