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Erika R. Utley (The Smileologist) 

Who is "The Smileologist"?

Erika R. Utley (The Smileologist) is the CEO/ Founder of Smileology Counseling Services, LLC where her mission is to help people learn the art of smiling from within. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of West Georgia and received her Master’s Degree in Community Counseling from Clark Atlanta University. Erika is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Grief Specialist  and a Certified Anger Management Specialist. She is a strong advocate for community growth by way of outreach, mentorship and therapy. 



Erika R. Utley


Erika is passionate about helping people to UNCOVER their trauma, DISCOVER their truth and RECOVER in their mental health. Erika is a free-spirit and enjoys inspiring and encouraging others from all different walks of life. Because of her many struggles in her past, Erika knows all too well the feeling of being in mental bondage. Today as an individual that continues to strive for ultimate, mental freedom, she hopes to inspire others to work towards breaking free as well.

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Client/ Therapist Relationship


I believe that a therapeutic relationship is based on a collaborative partnership between the client and therapist. My desire is to create a trusting and comfortable environment conducive to exploring questions and solutions to your concerns. I believe that it is my job as a therapist to help you find answers to life’s questions. I work to help people, regardless of age, rid themselves of unhealthy patterns and to develop new thoughts and behaviors that promote a healthier lifestyle.  


I offer a wide array of counseling services, including individual, family, couples, and group services. Effective psychotherapy is founded on mutual understanding and good rapport between client and therapist. I use an eclectic approach, which involves various modalities of treatment, based on client needs. It is my goal to convey the policies and procedures used and I will be pleased to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  


Counseling and psychotherapy are beneficial, but as with any treatment, there are inherent risks. During counseling, you there may discussion about personal issues which may bring about uncomfortable emotions such as sadness, anger, and guilt. However, the benefits of counseling can outweigh any discomfort encountered during the process. Some of the possible benefits are reduced emotional distress, improved personal relationships, and specific problem solving. I cannot guarantee these benefits, of course. It is my desire, however, to work with you to attain your personal goals for psychotherapy/counseling.  


I provide short-term/ long-term counseling designed to address many of the issues clients are dealing with. Your first visit will be an assessment session in which you and I will determine your concerns, and if both agree that I can meet your therapeutic needs, develop a plan of treatment. Should you choose not to follow the plan of treatment provided to you by your Therapist, services to you may be terminated.  

My goal is to provide the most effective therapeutic experience available to you. If at any time you feel that you and I are not a good fit, please discuss this matter with me to determine if transferring to a more suitable Therapist is right for you. If you and I decide that other services would be more appropriate, I will assist you in finding a provider to meet your needs.

The Smileologist

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